What is Mesh-Type Beacon?

Unlike the traditional BLE beacons which simply transmit IDs, EXBeacon is an IoT device which can intercommunicate with neighbouring EXBeacons.
By leveraging the Bluetooth Low Energy performance of the power saving mesh, you can send/ collect information from a far distance.
By adopting a simple flood mesh as a communication method, without the process of routing etc, power saving, low price, high scalability can be realized.



We switched from the conventional advertising (like iBeacon) to Mesh communication. It is also possible to switch from the position measurement / push notification. These communications are controlled by the synchronized time, and in the normal state. By keeping it in the sleep mode, a large power saving can be achieved.



We aggregate the beacon’s own state by mesh communication. This eliminates the need for monitoring devices to detect failures and flat battery. We can provide beacon infrastructure with high availability by adjusting and supplementing the beacons which stopped working with the surrounding beacons.