Easy office management with smartphone

We support diverse office managements such as attendance, authentication, entry and exit management, seat, location of objects and books, toilet/ cafeteria congestion, indoor environment, conference room operation on a single platform! We support free choice of work style and working-style reform.








1. Presence management

The whereabouts of employees in offices where free address system is adopted and in offices where their seats are fixed, the presence status can be visualized on indoor MAP.


2. Meeting room management

With human sensor, we monitor how meeting rooms are used. By linking this with the conference room booking system, alarm can be raised when it is not used correctly.


3. Goods/ document management

By attaching BLE tags to goods, keys and documents, their locations are made known. If important documents etc. are moved from their prescribed locations, alarm can be raised


4. Indoor environment control

We aggregate temperature, humidity and gas information collected by EXSensor and BLE sensor etc. Based on the sensor information, equipment can be controlled


5. Toilet management

We deploy magnet sensors, optical sensors, etc. in the toilet and make the usage status visible

6. Attendance management

We manage employees’ attendance based on entry/exit management data. It is also possible to integrate other company’s time management system through (work CSV data and API).


7. Guest access control

We use guest BLE card etc. for guest access control.

8. Entry/ Exit control

By receiving radio signals from employee’s BLE tag, we record gate entry/ exit time. Advanced authentication management by combining facial recognition and beacon is also possible.


9. Office point

We give points and rank individual contributions in the office. We also measure and visualize proximity and intimacy between departments.