Easy office management with smartphone

We support diverse office managements such as attendance, authentication, entry and exit management, seat, location of objects and books, toilet/ cafeteria congestion, indoor environment, conference room operation on a single platform! We support free choice of work style and working-style reform.

1.Employee and object-location management

The EXBeacon platform receives radio signals from beacon tags affixed to objects and beacon tags worn by employees, and ascertains the location of the objects and the employees seats.We also perform analysis such as line of movement analysis and density display. The figure below is a case study from CS Chiba branch office.

2.Gate management and authentication management

The EXBeacon platform receives radio signals from beacon tags worn by employees, and records entry/ exit of the employees. Advanced authentication by combining facial recognition and beacon is also possible.


3. Conference room and toilet management

Deploy PIR sensor in the conference room and magnet sensor in the toilet, and EXBeacon platform will perform the data aggregation .

4. Detailed temperature and humidity management

Temperature, humidity and CO2 information obtained from EXSensor and BLE sensor are collected. And based on the sensor information, equipment is controlled.

5.Working-style reform

Information such as, the position and movement of people and objects, the indoor environment, etc. can be used to visualize how to work. For example, it is possible to reveal the degree of interaction between departments based on proximity information, ranking individual contributors’ contributions, and so forth.