Solution fundamentals

Beacon is a simple device that costs only a few thousand yen and transmits radio signals unilaterally. This has been reviewed as a tool for Indoor positioning in line with GPS, and it is now gaining attention as the basic or the gateway to IoT (Internet of Things) Technology.

Our EXBeacon is the next-generation beacon with mesh network features. This is a ground-breaking discovery where the beacons intercommunicate, unlike the conventional beacons which transmit radio signals unilaterally. These inexpensive beacon devices form a network. In addition to the easy management and remote control of beacons, the network formed is also applied to communication between objects and it’s application has dramatically expanded. This is why it is regarded as the gateway to IoT technology.

Beacon usage has just started. It’s applications in various fields is yet to come. Definitely, together we can solve your problems with EXBeacon.

The three basic methods of application

1.The signal is received by the user’s smartphone

When a user approaches the beacon, the smartphone App. receives the beacon signal and queries a dedicated server. And information associated with the beacon (for example, position information and product information), can be acquired and displayed on the application.

2.Acquisition of environmental information

Combine sensor and beacon, share and manage environmental information such as temperature, humidity and congestion situation throughout the network.



3.Mobile object detection system

3-1) User sends out signal via beacon

Signals from a beacon embedded in user’s helmet or entry card enables us to obtain the uesr’s location and profile information.


3-2) The user becomes part of the mesh network

The beacon carried by a user becomes part of the beacon mesh network, as such we can figure out a more accurate position and movement of the user.