Visualize the movement at the site
Improve business accordingly

Aggregate the location and state of things, employee’s behavior and sensor information of machines and the room. By visualizing the movement at the site, continuously improve the business process.

1.Luggage storage location management

The EXBeacon platform receives radio signals from beacon tags affixed to employees and baggage, and ascertains their location and line of movement as well as performing analysis such as line of movement, density indication display etc.

2.Employee behavior visualization
Entry/ exit authentication

Entry and exit and authentication management can be operated simultaneously by using beacon tag.

3.Guidance to employee’s destination

Using EXBeacon with LED light to provide on-site guidance by light.

4. Location management of things and mobile bodies

5.Indoor environment management

6.Acquisition of machines’ sensor information

We can connect temperature and humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, etc. to EXBeacon platform to aggregate indoor environment information. Likewise, various sensor information connected to machines will also be aggregated.