Construction and work site solutions

With the EXBeacon platform, worker’s position, movement path, entry/ exit, attendance, materials, location of mobile bodies, work-site environment · · · are all managed in an all-in-one platform!!!

1. Workers location management

By deploying the EXBeacon platform in various parts of the work-site (every floor and every block), radio signals from beacon tags attached to the worker’s helmet etc., can be received by the platform. As such, it is possible to easily ascertain the worker’s location and movement path.

2. Entry and Exit management and authentication management

EXBeacon installed at a gate, receives radio signals from beacon tags attached to the helmet etc. of workers and records the entry/ exit of each worker. Combinations with facial photograph display at the gate and time management are also possible. Furthermore, we also provide a 2-factor authentication system which combines facial recognition with beacons.

3. Location management and takeout management

The EXBeacon platform receives radio signals from beacon tags attached to utensils such as aerial work vehicles and forklifts, stepladders, drain pumps, etc., to manage their location and movement. If things are taken unlawfully from the site, it is possible raise an alert.

4. Work progress report Management system

It is a system that reports work on-site from tablets and the like. When the tablet etc. receives the radio signals from EXBeacons installed in each room and the appropriate places, accurate location information is given to the report contents. The remaining battery level etc. of the EXBeacons can be monitored remotely

5. Work-site environment management

By connecting the temperature and humidity sensor to the EXBeacon platform deployed on site, it is possible to ascertain the environmental condition of each spot. Besides, it is possible to get more detailed environmental information by connecting sensors such as gas, acceleration, and motion.

6.Workers vital data acquisition

The vital information of workers collected by vital sensors attached to bracelets and helmets can be gathered by the EXBeacon platform deployed on- site. For example, an alert can be raised to an administrator or the person in charge. in case of a suspected heat stroke.

Entry and exit of workers and attendance management

· Visualization of the location of workers (entry/ exit and scaffold height).
· Linking daily report and monthly report output.

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Tunnel safety management and asset control

· Safety labor management to gather environmental information such as workers location, health condition, CO2 gas in tunnels and underdrains.
· Tracking assets such as installed equipment, tools, wiring etc, and monitoring their conditions.