The three communication functions to realize Mesh network

Bluetooth mesh

EXBeacon forms a flood type mesh network with the Bluetooth mesh standard (using Qualcomm’s CSR mesh). Data rate and coverage range are respectively ~ 100 kbps and ~ 100 meters. As a new communication standard responsible for massive inter-machine communication, it covers buildings and underground shopping areas crowded with people and things. And it forms the basic unit of IoT communication network.

 IoT communication standards comparison

EXBeacon’ s proprietary communication protocol

By using the Bluetooth LE flood-type mesh network standard (by Qualcomm), various solutions are realized with our proprietary protocol including a new positioning protocol (patent pending).

What is flood type mesh?

EXBeacon adopts a “flood type mesh network” and builds a stable large-scale network with Bluetooth LE. Instead of deciding the data path in advance, a message can be sent like flood, and it will easily extend to thousands of nodes. Even in the a situation where radio signals are interrupted, redundancy can be secured via other nodes without complicated route recalculation. It is easy to manage, and it’s peculiarity is the degree of freedom in it’s deployment.

EXBeacon and flood type mesh

To realize this, we need a fresh design to control the transmission of the entire network. By adopting packet hop count control, relay control, reception control with RSSI value, packet reduction by compression, parameter optimization technology, EXBeacon realizes various solutions on a flood mesh network.