The background of the deployment

In order to ascertain the location information etc. of the workers at the civil engineering work site, OHMOTO GUMI introduced the “attendance management system” by using our EXBeacon platform.

Characteristics of the attendance management system

The system mechanism

This construction site is an underground pit with 60 meters x 30 meters in size, and 6 meters in depth. There are three scaffoldings spanning the entire surface, and looking from the top, you cannot not recognize the appearance of the work. Therefore, in order to ascertain the position of each worker, we deployed the EXBeacon platform. In addition to placing EXBeacons in various parts of the scaffold, we installed EXGateway in one place.

Dashboard for seat ascertainment system

On the dashboard, icons indicating the positions of the workers are displayed on a map of the work site. We provide a 3D map and a floor map for each floor. In addition, we perform access control at the same time, and display the number of workers who entered the site and are currently working. Furthermore, it interlocks with the workers’ database and displays in a table form what workers are entering.

Interlocking service with monthly timesheet

Furthermore, based on the daily entry/ exit record, we can provide services linked with monthly work of each worker.