The background of the deployment

DoCoMo CS Chiba branch introduced for the first time free-address office (a non-territorial or hot desking) within the company. As result, it was required to ascertain the location of employees who are changing seats every moment in real time. Therefore, we deployed the “Seat Ascertainment System” by using EXBeacon platform, and we decided to add visualization of the working environment including the attendance of the workers.

Characteristics of the seat ascertainment system

Customer’s Request

The initial requests from customer are as follows. The seat ascertainment system covers all these.
1. Personal identification is possible
2. It should possible to ascertain the position on an island basis
3. Presence status identification (leaving one’s seat, out of office, in meeting etc.)
4 It should be possible to manage line of movement
5. It be possible to ascertain the position even in large conference rooms etc
6. It should be possible to display in layers, on a management screen
7. Ensuring system scalability including other buildings in the future

The seat ascertainment system (SAS) mechanism

EXBeacons were deployed for each island of desks in the office and one EXGateway for each office.
Meanwhile, each employee was to carry a beacon tag (BeaconTx). The EXBeacons receive radio signals from the beacon tags, and transfer the ID, the received signal strength indicator, etc. to the EXGateway. These are compared with the database stored on the server to ascertain the seat position of the employees..

The seat ascertainment system (SAS) dashboard

On the dashboard, icons indicating the positions of employees are displayed on an indoor map. The positions of about 200 employees, indicated by icons, are displayed on the map. Also, employees’ photos and attribute information are displayed when you tap an icon. In the dashboard, various function screens such as employee database and beacon management screens are available..

About on-site usage

In this office, a projector is always used for a large display of the dashboard. Furthermore, this dashboard can be viewed from each PC. Each morning about 200 employees check the positions of their colleagues and bosses before starting the day’s work.

Future deployments

The system does not only ensure spatial scalability as requested by customers, but also ensures functional scalability.
An example is the “authentication system”. By using the EXBeacon platform, entrance authentication of each employee is possible. And if it is necessary to increase the authentication level, it is also easy to combine facial recognition system and beacon authentication.