About EXBeacon

Our EXBeacon is a next-generation beacon equipped with a mesh network function. Separate Unlike conventional beacon that had originated the electric wave is one having a function of performing mutual communication. Originally inexpensive terminal with each other to form a network. This not only the management and operation becomes easy, even use applications has expanded by leaps and bounds. That is why it is fundamental technology and the eye of the IoT.


Beacon outline and market potential

A Beacon (lighthouse) is a device that emits an identifier such as a unique ID or signal strength. The “EXBeacon,” developed solely by WHERE,

  1. Not only complies with Bluetooth Smart, a new low-energy transmission protocol, but
  2. Also comes with mesh networking functionality, which allows Beacons to transmit information to each other, for the first time in Japan

which makes it a revolutionary product. Beacons are gaining attention as an indoor mapping infrastructure similar to GPS outdoors, and as IoT devices.



Technology road map

EXBeacon moves into the 2nd phase from the 1st phase